"What's the weather?"

How it works~~~

The Groovetones Central applet to the right of this text displays real time weather conditions at the Groovetones Central webserver. The readings on the applet are updated every 3 seconds from data collected by my weather monitoring station in North Fargo at GrooveTones Central. If you click on the Groovetones Central applet, it links to a page that displays detailed charts and graphs generated with the data from the GTs weather station! The Weather Underground applet below Groovetones Central is updated hourly from the NWS station at Hector Airport, and, in addition to a forecast link, it shows links to active weather advisories, watches and warnings.

Weather is a daily and dynamic reality. It is of interest, curiousity and concern to everyone. As a youngster in Fargo, I developed a great deal of appreciation, respect and awe for the beauty, power and unpredictability of our weather. My brothers and I built hair hygrometers (thank you to our neighborhood sisters, Judy, Jane and Jean, for donating those long strands of hair), elementary weather vanes, barometers and anemometers. In addition, to augment and calibrate our readings, we also called the Weather Line at Hector Airport every hour to obtain their data to implement in our 'forecast'.

My, how times have changed! Modern technology makes it possible to procure instrumentation that is quite accurate, and that can be interfaced with a computer... and then can be uplinked to the web to share that local weather data with the world!!! Forecasting is best left to trained meteorologists, but sharing the data collected at GrooveTones central with our band's fans, the CWOP (Citizens Weather Obsevation Program), and wunderground.com will deliver data to help the accuracy of forecasting computers worldwide.

Now, for the: DISCLAIMER: !!! Please note, the weather data on the GrooveTones Central applet is not "official" US Weather Service data, and the data on the Weather Underground applet could be over an hour old. If a weather emergency exists, or if you are unsure of pending weather, tune in a local radio, television or weather radio station for up to the minute information! GrooveTones Central weather data is NOT to be used to make decisions affecting your personal safety!!!

Thanks for being our friends!

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